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inovex Meetup - Solid Start


In inovex’s January meetup I presented a tiny SolidStart application after a collogue of mine gave a introduction to SolidJS.

I am a long time fan of SolidJS (JWT Explorer is also built with Solid) and after last year’s 1.0 release I was looking forward to try out its Meta framework: SolidStart. Although it is still not production ready (“There will very likely be bugs and missing documentation”), it was quite a nice experience creating a the sample website with it .

On github.com/meldron/cat-facts you can find the example app I created for this meetup. It queries catfact.ninja for cat facts and allows you to save your favorite facts. I especially liked the Isomorphic Integration approach (write once, run on client & server) and the data loading / form submission 😻.

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