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AWS User Group Nuremberg - Terraform Cloud Development Kit


In recent years, cloud development kits (CDKs) have become increasingly popular. With CDKs, developers are able to set up their cloud infrastructure from within the programming languages and development environments they are familiar with. No need to learn new concepts, domain-specific languages, or descend into YAML land. Until the summer of 2022, there was no way to use this approach with Terraform without introducing yet another dependency on yet another third party like Pulumi. Then CDK for Terraform (CDKTF) became generally available (GA) for Typescript, Python, C#, Java, and Go!

In this AWS User Group Meetup, we will look at the basic usage of CDKTF. How easily it can be set up, and how you can use the imperative programming style to help simplify how you configure Cloud resources. We will also integrate HCL Terraform modules into your CDKTF stacks and vice versa to show how a gradual transition to CDKTF can be achieved. We will even test our IaC resources!

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