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inovex Meetup Karlsruhe - MPAs w/ Astro


Astro is a web framework designed for speed.

To achieve this primary goal, Astro uses a zero JavaScript frontend architecture to deliver your content-focused websites. By default, no JavaScript is sent to the browser, and websites are built on the server-side as multi page applications, just like in the 90s.

But going back to the static days of the early web wouldn’t do nowadays, so Astro lets you bring along your favorite tools to flexibly extend your pages when you need your modern dynamic UI components. React, Svelte, SolidJS & Co, they are all here.

In this talk we will take a closer look at Astro’s basic multi page approach, how it allows you to mix and match your front-end components, but also how it helps you organize your content, and what deployment options (spoiler: almost all of them) are available out of the box.

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